Have you ever heard these fact of Beautiful Sailung Peak ? Photo features

Sailung is located between Dolakha and Ramechhap district. It’s in the eastern part of Nepal. It is in the hilly region. Sailung has it’s own features and meaning which means 100 hills together, but according to local resident Lalbhahadur Tamang, there is more then 108 hills together. It’s 3200m high from the sea level.
The major attractions of the region includes the culture and history of Sherpa , Tamang, Gurung, Newar and others ethnic community, typical Nepalese villages and lifestyle, settlement patterns, Agriculture, landscape, Himalayan and hilly region domestic animals like mountain cow called Chauri Gai, low land cow, water buffalo, goat, sheep etc. Not only that this region is surrounded by different species rhododendron forests, oak forest, pine forests and others so many different types of vegetation, flora and fauna.
This hill is really unexpected where we can see so many small hills together. And from the top will be able to get glimpses of magnificent view of Gauri Shankar Mountain, Mt. Dorje Lakpa, Mt. Langtang range, Mt. Manaslu range, Everest region mountain range, Mt. Numbur range and Mt. Makalu many more. The area will offer completely picture of rural lifestyle and farming patterns.
The area most of the people are Buddhist and Hindus communities. There are very few basic guest houses available. The region people main occupation is farming. They grow potato and vegetable like cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and radish etc. Those all the agriculture products transfer from Sailung region to Kathmandu by local buses and they sell it in Kathmandu. The region potato is famous in Kathmandu by the named of Mudeko Alu.
According to season Sailung has been changing and making very panorama. Indeed, Winter season falls snow, Spring season blooms different species rhododendron flower, Monsoon season filled by green grass and all the region Himalayan domestic animals mountain cowshed brings there, Autumn season will offer dry grass etc. Most of the people go to visit either in Autumn season or Spring season, but the people who like to play with snow, they do go there in the Winter season for playing snow.
Sailung is not only hill. There are so many historical religious and cultural values stone monuments are, which represents very amazing meaning. What I have got legend about Sailung by the local people is that ” Sailung means like 108 bids which is used by the Buddhist when they pray. It’s called Thengwa and some people called praying Mala, too. It’s really holy place where people can visit and pray for the almighty “Another legend is that ” Sailung peak all the stones head has turned in to the Western part which means that this 108 hills are property of the almighty God and Goddess. So, an ancient time the ghost attempted to have it from the Western part. That’s why, those all the stones worked as a army for protecting it. So that, all the stone head has turned into the Western part like a gun.”
Sailung peak western part is just stone walls and Tiger stone called Bagh Dung but in the North part there is peacock which is known as a Ganesh, in the South part there is cow stone called Gai Dungga and Eastern part there is stone looks like a snake which is called Jure Mahadev Dungga. This Jure Mahadev Dungga is inside the thick pine and rhododendron forest. There are more then 18 different very historical places around and in the Sailung which takes around 4 hours to visit all of them continues. Those all the places pictures are below which can explain more clearly. And this region is very wonderful for national and international both tourists who would like to do short treks out of Kathmandu valley like for 3 days from Kathmandu to back Kathmandu.

Dungge Monastery

Peacock stone ( Ganesh Mahadev)
It’s on the main way to Sailung view point. This stone looks like peacock. According to local people an ancient time peacock flew from the Himalayan called Thimsang which could not cross the Sailung peak and stoped here.

Mahadev cave which is inside the thick pine and rhododendron forest. Buddhist and Hindu people come to worship here which place is known as a meditation of Mahadev.

Godawari cave.
According to local people, this cave is very extra ordinary which gives Godawari flowers in every twelve years according to the himalayan buddhist calendar sheep year. Godawari is a kind of flower but depends upon the people luck, this cave provides different color and it will be liquid what I got the information from the local people, but they don’t know which month.

Dharma cave
This cave has hole which is very amazing. According to local people only good karma people can entry from that hole and can come out.

God Bhimsen Tarbar
It’s on the way to Sailung top which is known as a God Bhimsen Tarbar.

Head pig
It’s also on the way to top of the Sailung peak. It’s called head of the pig which was cut by God Bhimsen.

Foot print of Lord Budhha.

Center point of Sailung which is called Navel of Sailung, too.

Old Stupa on the top of Sailung.

Lamp offering house on the top of Sailung.

Praying flags on the top of Sailung.

Western part of Sailung hills where all the stone head has turned into the Western side.

Ganggata Dungga.

Tiger stone ( Bagh Dungga)

Cow stone ( Gai Dungga)

Jure Dungga Mahadev.

Gupte Shor Mahadev

Langtang Mountain range.

Dungge village.

Oak and Pine as well as rhododendron forest.

Lalbhahadur Tamang (Local person who knows very well about Sailung history)
Written by
Serku Sherpa
Trekking and Tour operator in Nepal as well as govt. license holder treks and tour free lance guide.
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